Orsini Spritz

Fill half the glas with ice cubes.
Then, add 1cl of grapefruit syrup. If you like it sweet, add 1cl of elderflower syrup.
Then, add 6cl of Orsini and stir the drink.
Fill the glass with Prosecco (roughly 1dl).
Decorate with Grapefruit or Oranges.


Spicy Spritzer

1dl white wine (or prosecco)
4cl Orsini

You can't go wrong with this one!

Orsini Gespritzter Weisser Scharf

Hot Orsini

Heat 2dl of apple juice and add freshly cut ginger. Let it brew for a few minutes. Then, pour the hot juice into a cup and add 2cl of Wodka and 4cl of Orsini.

Enjoy hot!

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